List of Archived Certified Products and Systems.

MyCC = Products certified by MyCC Scheme before recognized as CCRA Authorizing Participants.

CCRA = Products certified by MyCC Scheme after recognized as CCRA Authorizing Participants.

Certificate No Product Sponsor / Developer Assurance Level Product Name and Version Certificate Date Expiry Date Recognized By  
2013-012-C051 SecureMetric Technology Sdn Bhd EAL2 ST3 Ace (ST3 Ace Token Manager v1.0.13.927, ST3 Ace Middleware v1.0.13.910, and SecureCOS Firmware v5.2) 20-12-2013 20-12-2018 MyCC
2011-009-C022 SecureMetric Technology Sdn Bhd EAL1 SecureCOS PKI Hybrid version 1.0 25-04-2011 25-04-2016 CCRA
2013-013-C053 EZMCOM Inc. EAL2 EzIdentityTM mSignTM (Android v2.0.0.1 & iOS v2.0.0.1) and EzIdentityTM Authentication Platform v4.0.0.2 27-12-2013 27-12-2018 CCRA
2013-002-C010 TecForte Sdn Bhd EAL2 Log Radar v3.2.15 with modules Console, Collector and Archiver 13-02-2013 13-02-2018 CCRA
2011-014-C009 OREA Technologies Sdn Bhd EAL2 OREACryptUSB version 5.1 27-06-2011 27-06-2016 MyCC
2011-015-C016 OREA Technologies Sdn Bhd EAL2 OREACryptHDisk version 2.1 08-07-2011 08-07-2016 MyCC
2015-003-C054 Biocryptodisk Sdn Bhd EAL2+ ALC_FLR.1 Biocryptodisk Encryptor Model SD302 (Ver5.11 -3.03), SD302CR(Ver5.11 -5.03), ST302(Ver5.11 -1.00), and ST302B(Ver5.11 -1.00) with Remote Token Management System v1.00) 19-03-2015 19-03-2020 CCRA
2011-003-C029 Scan Associates Berhad EAL1 SCAN S3 Security Manager Console Version 1.0 Release 14556 integrated with SCAN S3 Identity Services Infrastructure Version 1.0 and SCAN S3 Multi Authentication Version 1.0 08-03-2011 08-03-2016 MyCC
2011-007-C005 MagnaQuest Solutions Sdn. Bhd EAL4 MQAssureTM/AppShield v1.2_CR6 integrated with MQAssureTM/IAM v1.0_CR6 11-04-2011 11-04-2016 CCRA
2012-005-C027 MagnaQuest Solutions Sdn. Bhd EAL1 NetSignOn Version 2.0 16-04-2012 16-04-2017 CCRA


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