List of Certified Products and Systems.

MyCC = Products certified by MyCC Scheme before recognized as CCRA Authorizing Participants.

CCRA = Products certified by MyCC Scheme after recognized as CCRA Authorizing Participants.

Certificate No Product Sponsor / Developer Assurance Level Product Name and Version Certificate Date Expiry Date Recognized By  
2024-003-C133 Trend Micro Incorporated. EAL2 Trend Micro TippingPoint Security Management System (SMS) v6.2.0 03-05-2024 03-05-2029 CCRA
2024-002-C130 Chelpis Quantum Tech Co. Ltd. EAL1 PQTunnel v1.1.5 13-03-2024 13-03-2029 MyCC
2024-001-C129 SecIron (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (201801025495 (1287515-T)) EAL2 SECIRON - Android mobile Application Hardening Sandbox Module (AMAHSM) version: 7.0 06-02-2024 06-02-2029 CCRA
2019-007-C098 MicroEngine Networks Sdn Bhd EAL2 XPCore v1.0 21-07-2019 21-07-2024 CCRA
2019-009-C107 RSA Security LLC EAL2+ ALC_FLR.2 RSA Archer Suite v6.5 03-09-2019 03-09-2024 CCRA
2019-010-C106 LE Global Services Sdn. Bhd. EAL2 LGMS Security Assessment Report Generator (LGMS Reporter) v 1.0.0 24-12-2019 24-12-2024 CCRA
2020-005-C099 Swingvy Sdn. Bhd. EAL2 Swingvy HR Hub, Payroll and Benefits Platforms v2.1.29 14-09-2020 14-09-2025 CCRA
2020-007-C112 Pernec Integrated Network Systems Sdn Bhd EAL2 CYSECA Endpoint CYSECA Endpoint Application Control which consists of CYSECA Endpoint Application Control Server v1.2.0 and CYSECA Endpoint Application Control Client v1.1.12 23-10-2020 23-10-2025 CCRA
2021-001-C116 Huawei Services (Hong Kong) Co. Limited EAL1 Huawei AppGallery v10.4.0.301 20-04-2021 20-04-2026 CCRA
2021-003-C119 SecurePay Sdn. Bhd. EAL2 SecurePay Platform V4.9.1 16-06-2021 16-06-2026 CCRA
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